Studio Ghibli: How to Make the Food Seen in Howl's Moving Castle

The gorgeous animation of Studio Ghibli films has helped the animation studio in gaining a fan base that appreciates the stunning, unique looks of its movies and one outlet has decided to take the animation of the food from the blockbuster hit of Howl's Moving Castle. Throughout feature length films such as Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery Service to name a few, it is clear that the studio has an affinity for displaying some mouth watering meals that would sure to be served in any restaurant in the real world should they be offered.

Howl's Moving Castle, for those who might not have seen the movie to date, is something like a "bizarro" version of the Wizard of Oz, taking the main character named Lettie and having her encounter a world of magic that just so happens to contain a scarecrow of its own. The wizard, Howl, of course has a floating castle that acts as one of the big locales that Lettie is constantly chasing in order to combat her recent affliction, aka being transformed into an elderly woman. The film, much like so many of the other entries in the animation house, did a fantastic job of blending the mundane with the magical and thus found a dedicated and passionate fan base!

SoraNews24 shared some delicious photos and recipes that allows fans to dive into cooking their own versions of some of the meals that were seen in Howl's Moving Castle, with bacon and eggs never having looked so good outside of the Studio Ghibli animation!

(Photo: Sora News 24)

Studio Ghibli may be giving you the opportunity of trying some of this food outside of your own kitchen in the coming years, with the animation house putting together an amusement park that will be opening in 2022. The theme park has been touted as creating a number of locale and attractions that will be using the studio's library to allow park goers the chance to enter into the worlds of some of their biggest films. Movies such as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Howl's Moving Castle are but a few of the movies that will make their way to this upcoming amusement park!


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