Studio Ghibli Grandma Goes Viral for Her Super Cute Cosplays

Studio Ghibli remains one of Japan's greatest studios, and the company has put out some of anime's most timeless treasures... and fans, don't forget! The studio has inspired some of today's best animators, and it goes without saying that Studio Ghibli cosplayers are always on point. Thanks to one elderly lady, fans are seeing Studio Ghibli in a whole new way after she began to test out the studio in real life. As it turns out, the lady makes for one impressive Howl's Moving Castle cosplayer.

The video surfaced on TikTok from the user _nana82 who is also known as Edith Koci. The older lady has earned a following online due to her spot-on take of Studio Ghibli and its classics. Most often, the woman is seen cosplaying as Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle after she has been aged up. The whole ordeal may have been traumatizing for Sophie, but this fan is loving her aged looks and we are too.

As you can see below, the lady tries all sorts of looks from Howl's Moving Castle. From her attitude to her posing, Koci is doing right in every way. There are younger cosplays who wish they embodied half her sass, but that may be something which comes with age.

She's so adorable!! from r/ghibli

Of course, anime fans are loving this lady's cosplays, and social media at large is a fan. TikTok has already embraced the elderly woman as if she were a grandmother to all its users, and we got to admit she gives off that vibe. Director Hayao Miyazaki would be lucky to meet a fan like this, and we can only hope the Studio Ghibli co-creator happens upon one of Koci's videos somehow. Few fans are as deserving of the attention, so we are looking forward to this lady and her next anime look!

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