Studio Ghibli Fans Have Found Jiji's Real-Life Lookalike

Studio Ghibli has earned its place as one of the best-animated studios in the world of anime time and time again, with the animation house recently bringing most of its catalog to the streaming service of HBO Max, and fans of the classic story of Kiki's Delivery Service have seemingly found a beloved Ghibli character in the real world. Kiki's Delivery Service has a lot to love with the story of the young broom riding delivery girl, with the cat Jiji leaving an impression and seemingly being discovered in the real world, with an Instagram page no less.

Kiki's Delivery Service arrived from Ghibli in 1989, which was adapted from a novel that had become popular in Japan. Following the young Kiki who is a witch in training, she would use her abilities to help deliver food from a bakery while flying high above the city on her broomstick. The movie remains one of the most popular in Ghibli's library, but there hasn't been any word of a sequel, which is unsurprising considering that the studio that was helped created by Hayao Miyazaki hasn't often returned to the universes that they've created over the decades.

The Instagram Account for Big Foot Jinx has shared countless images of the wide-eyed feline that bears a striking resemblance to Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service, who remains one of the most adorable characters that were introduced in the wide library of Studio Ghibli's classic animated films:

Ghibli itself is set to hit the real world in a big way next year, with the animation studio currently working to swing open the doors of its first amusement park which will recreate some of the lush environments introduced in many of their movies. For Kiki's Delivery Service specifically, there will be a section of the park titled "The Valley of the Witches", which will apparently feature both this film and the magical tale of Howl's Moving Castle. On top of these movies, expect a good number of the films of Ghibli to get their own parts of the park.

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Via Otaku USA Magazine