Studio Ghibli: A Body Has Been Found in Totoro's Iconic Forest

Studio Ghibli films are known for their whimsical introspection on life, but one of its most famous locations has become the final resting place for one person. Over in Japan, reports went live recently that confirmed a body has been found in Totoro's forest. The location, which inspired director Hayao Miyazaki, has been under investigation ever since as authorities try to piece together the victim's identity.

According to Sora News, the woods in Tokorozawa of the Saitama Prefecture are being focused upon during this investigation. These ideal woods inspired the setting of My Neighbor Totoro as Miyazaki fell in love with their charms. Ever since the Studio Ghibli movie debuted, these woods have become better known as Totoro's Forest, and they serve as the burial place for one unfortunate soul.

Authorities were alerted to the body's presence in the forest when a local man discovered a human corpse while he was out feeding stray cats in the woods. The body was fully skeleton by the time it was found, but it turns out the man who discovered the corpse stumbled upon it once before.

(Photo: Studio Ghibli)

According to the man, he found the skeleton about a week ago as he noticed bones hidden under a pile of fallen leaves. It was not until he returned to the forest to feed the cats that he realized the bones were human rather than animal as he thought at first.


Currently, authorities are running tests on the remains to see if they can identify the body and their cause of death. This situation is truly tragic as a life was lost too soon in the woods which Totoro calls home. At this time, neither Miyazaki nor Studio Ghibli have commented on the investigation.

Our thoughts are with the victim's loved ones during this difficult time as they await answers on what happened to their beloved.

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