Super Bowl 2020: Godzilla Stomps the Field in Mysterious Post

When it comes to NFL, there is no game quite as big as the Super Bowl. The annual event brings the top two players in the game face to face for final championship round. This year, the Kansas City Chiefs will be taking on the San Francisco 49ers down in Miami, but they will not be alone. Millions of fans will be watching the team square off, and that audience seems to include a popular kaiju.

Over on Twitter, fans were given a surprise update on the NFL game from Godzilla himself. Toho's official account for the kaiju posted a photo of the football field where the Super Bowl will take place soon, and you can see a massive footprint left in the green.

"We heard there was a big football game today and that a team is looking to get destroyed. We know someone who might be interested in that...," the tweet reads.

As you can see above, it is clear Godzilla could crush a team or three if given the chance. The monster's massive print ranges over 20 yards, and that doesn't even factor in his atomic breath. The monster would do well to avoid the Super Bowl... that is, unless he is standing in for a lineman this year.

Of course, the tease got fans curious about the possibility of a Godzilla vs Kong promo dropping tonight. So far, no public footage has been released for the crossover, but fans have been waiting for such a reel to drop. Sadly, it seems the answer is no as Warner Bros. is reportedly skipping Super Bowl airtime due to the rising prices of its commercial slots. But if we are all super lucky, maybe Warner Bros. made an exception for Godzilla vs Kong.


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