Superman and Wonder Woman Go Anime in This Gorgeous Poster

Superman and Wonder Woman are easily two of the most popular comic book characters that were created in the hallowed halls of DC Comics, and with the Snyder Cut of the Justice League hitting HBO Max earlier this year, it's no surprise that fans are putting them in a new light with an anime makeover. The two titans of the comic book industry might not be returning for a Justice League 2, as far as we know, but that hasn't stopped Warner Bros from greasing the wheels on their returns to cinema, with both heroes having movies in the works.

While these two parts of DC's Trinity, with the Dark Knight himself of course being the missing piece, haven't had big presences in the world of anime and manga, the world of Western superheroes has been slowly but surely making its way into the medium made popular in Japan. Recently, Marvel's Merc With A Mouth Deadpool is tearing up the charts with Deadpool: Samurai, and the Dark Knight's main antagonist, the Joker, recently got a manga series of his own via Kodansha Publishing, seeing the Clown Prince of Crime raising a baby who just so happens to be none other than Bruce Wayne.

Twitter Artist Sushio shared this impressive take on what the Last Son of Krypton and the daughter of Themyscira might look like if they had been introduced via the medium of anime rather than in Western iterations thanks to DC Comics, so many decades ago:

HBO Max recently announced that the Man of Steel would be receiving a brand new animated series titled "My Adventures With Superman", which features Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen with a style that could definitely be mistaken for anime. Superman will be joined by Batman as the Dark Knight will also be getting his own animated series, though Wonder Woman has yet to get any news about a new series following her exploits. With HBO Max seeing a lot of success with the world of DC's superheroes, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if we saw a new take on Diana in a new animated project.


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