'Sword Art Online' Introduces Two Fan-Favorite Heroines

Sword Art Online's third season has introduced fans to a new virtual world full of new rules for [...]

Sword Art Online's third season has introduced fans to a new virtual world full of new rules for Kirito to figure out, and like every new season of the series, there's also new heroines for fans' potential favorites lists.

Alicization's last few episodes have introduced quite a few new heroines, with Sortiliena Serlut and Azurika making the biggest impact on fans so far.

As Kirito and Eugeo enroll themselves in a swordcraft academy, Kirito finds himself in the care of both of these women. Azurika is the dorm supervisor during Kirito's time as a trainee, and although she has yet to make a major impression there are hints that she is far more skilled that fans would think. It was revealed that she was the first swordsman representing the Norlangarth Empire years before Kirito arrived, so fans believe she's got much more to show before it's all said and done.

Sortiliena, or Liena (as Kirito refers to her) on the other hand, has left a much bigger impression on fans with her time on-screen. Serving as Kirito's swordsmanship mentor, the two trained hard until her final graduation from the academy. She had reservations about defeating the top swordsman Volo, but when Kirito came to a draw against him she realized her hang-ups were more mental than physical.

Though not a lot of time is spent building this relationship, there's a sense that the two were very close before her graduation. After speaking with Kirito the night before, she was able to defeat Volo in her final exam and cemented her place as a top swordfighter.

Kirito often finds himself surrounded with many heroines, but Liena is definitely one that sticks out among fans. Though many agree that the third season's pacing meant that some of their more emotional connections have been glossed over, unfortunately.

Sword Art Online: Alicization can currently be found streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. The series is officially described as such:

"Where... am I...?" Before he knows it, Kirito has made a full-dive into an epic, fantasy-like virtual world. With only a murky recollection of what happened right before he logged in, he starts to wander around, searching for clues. He comes upon an enormous, pitch dark tree (the Gigas Cedar), where he encounters a boy. "My name is Eugeo. Nice to meet you, Kirito." Although he is supposedly a resident of the virtual world - an NPC - the boy shows the same array of emotions as any human being.

As Kirito bonds with Eugeo, he continues to search for a way to log out of this world. Meanwhile, he remembers a certain memory deep down within him. He remembers racing through the mountains with Eugeo as a child... A memory that he should not have in the first place... And in this memory, he sees someone other than Eugeo, a young blond girl. Her name is Alice. And it is a name that must never be forgotten..."