Sword Art Online Star Big Offers Update on 'Progressive' Movie

Sword Art Online brought its latest season to a close this year, and fans were left unsure of what was next for the anime. That question was answered when the team announced a new movie is being developed, and all eyes are on Sword Art Online: Progressive as such. Recently, one of the anime's star gave us all a brief update on the film, and it seems like things are moving faster with the movie than expected.

Recently, SAO_Wikia reported on an interview that the voice actor for Kirito took part in overseas. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka did a radio interview in the wake of Sword Art Online's big announcement. It was there the actor said they have already done all their recordings for the movie, and that is saying a lot.


Even the radio host was taken back by the reveal. When asked to repeat themselves, Matsuoka said "I'm already done with recordings" for the film. The actor could not share much else than that, but he did say that fans should get their hopes up for this film. Clearly, this Sword Art Online venture is going to be a rewarding one to watch, so fans have reason to be hyped for its release.

As of right now, there is little known about Sword Art Online: Progressive and its story. The film will adapt the manga, but there is no telling how much this first movie will adapt. After all, this series covers a lot of ground as it retells much of the original series while adding important context to the gang's dungeon crawling. So if you are excited to revisit Aincrad, well - you should be.


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