The Animaniacs Reboot Seems to Feature Anime-Inspired Skits

The Animaniacs have been dormant for more than twenty years, but the gang is about to launch a comeback. The beloved cartoon icons are set to debut their reboot on Hulu later this year, and there was no real reason for anime lovers to eye the title. Well, until the show's first trailer came out that is. The teaser piqued the attention of the anime fandom because it seems the Animaniacs are ready to embrace their otaku side.

If you look above, you will find the first trailer for the reboot. Hulu's take on Animaniacs will be as cheeky as ever, and the trailer says as much from the get-go. As the reel moves forward, fans are given a taste of what's to come, and it turns out the Anime-niacs are a thing to worry about.

animaniacs anime
(Photo: Hulu)

You can see a short scene towards the trailer's end that shows Yakko, Wakko, and Dot falling from the sky. They land on the ground neatly, but as they stand up, fans will see the gang looks different. Their cartoony style has been swapped for something out of a Shonen anime, and fans had to do a double-take at the scene.

The brief moment has fans eager for this reboot's debut as the anime fandom is very curious about how the scene fits in. It could be a simple gag in one of the upcoming episodes, but there could also be a whole skit about the thing. After all, Animaniacs haven't been seen since 1998; They have missed out on a lot of pop culture, and a fair bit of that has been anime. So if Yakko wants to tackle Attack on Titan, well - he can be our guest!

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