The 'Dragon Ball Super' Manga Confirms Goku Is The Worst Father Ever

Goku’s parenting has always been questioned and with good reason too. It was mostly highlighted [...]

Goku's parenting has always been questioned and with good reason too. It was mostly highlighted that Goku wasn't the best of parents when Team Four Star put it under the spotlight. As a result, now even the Dragon Ball Super manga is making fun of Goku's parenting.

In the most recent chapter of the series' manga, Vegeta is seen saying "You might not be a bad guy, but as a father, you're the worst." This was said after Goku admitted that he didn't even know about Gohan or Goten's births. Even Vegeta waited around to see his youngest child be born and refused to train or fight in that time. However, Goku has never been able to resist the urges for battle or training.

I know what you are thinking, how can Goku be a terrible parent? Well, think about it for a second, he let an evil alien (Piccolo) who tried to kill him and everyone on earth, raise him whilst Goku was dead. This was all so that they could use the four-year-old boy to fight against more murderous aliens who were coming to earth.

After that, Goku made Gohan travel the galaxy in order to save Goku's friends who had been killed by those said aliens. Goku could have used a senzu bean and traveled with him, however; he decided to recover the long way instead. Gohan, as a result, was beaten up multiple times by stronger powerful aliens, as well as a space tyrant named Freeza, who literally destroyed planets.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

From there Goku decided to train on an alien planet to get stronger, instead of returning to his family on earth after beating Freeza. Again, Goku later used Gohan to fight Cell, a murderous bionic android that was created to kill Goku. Goku then even gave Cell a senzu bean so he could fight his 11-year-old son fairly. This all happened before Goku died and missed the birth of his next son in Goten.

This is the best part, as Gohan was much later beaten by Buu, Goku made Goten fight in his place before once again, dying. It's pretty obvious why many people make fun of Goku's parenting, with now even the official manga doing so. However, Goku has had his moments where he has given everything for his family, although; when you put everything he has done in a list, it's hard to defend him.