JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Drops The JoJoLands Chapter 8

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has welcomed its latest chapter of The JoJoLands.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure never fails to entertain, and that much was proved to fans this week. After all, the hit franchise made a comeback courtesy of The JoJoLands. The new series by Hirohiko Araki has a new chapter on deck, and it puts Jodio's squad in hot water after their heist against Kishibe Rohan.

This week, The JoJoLands chapter eight went live, and it was there we met up with Jodio Joestar and his sister Dragona. The pair have escaped their heist with Paco and Usagi. The group managed to sneak into the villa being rented by Kishibe Rohan in Hawaii, and they got some loot. As fans know, they managed to escape with a special lava rock and diamond that has them on edge.

This week, the manga finds the group eager to test their loot. Dragona is all too eager to test the merit of their lava rock. After all, it is said to attract valuable things to it. The gang does a minor test on the rock with success before deciding to push the envelope. Dragona makes the decision to enter a luxury jewelry store with Paco to see if its contents magically follow them out, but things take a turn. After all, the store's security notices one of the watches is missing. The trouble compounds outside when Jodio realizes the team has been followed from the villa, so their heist did not go as planned.

Obviously, Jodio's gang has some trouble on the horizon, and only time will tell how they get out of it. Right now, chapter eight of The JoJoLands is available in Japan, but no official English translation is out right now. Viz Media is still working on translations of previous parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but The JoJoLands will be on the publisher's radar at some point. 

If you are not caught up on the JoJo franchise, well – it is pretty easy to check out the hit series. The latest JoJo anime run by David Production has adapted everything to the end of Stone Ocean, and you can check out the anime through Netflix and Crunchyroll. 

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