'The Legend of Zelda' Gets Perfect Fantasy Anime Makeover

The Legend of Zelda may have dipped its toes into the TV pool years ago, but the beloved title has [...]

The Legend of Zelda may have dipped its toes into the TV pool years ago, but the beloved title has steered clear of an animated series in the years since. Now, fans are starting to wonder if it's not time for another go, and a new fan-poster proves there is an anime style out there that suits Hyrule's greatest heroes.

Over on Twitter, an artist named Dave Rapoza got fans going when he posted some special artwork of Zelda. With the heroine hitting headlines thanks to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rapoza took it upon himself to imagine how Zelda would look in a fantasy anime a la Record of Lodoss War.

And, as fans have said, the aesthetic perfectly suits the iconic princess.

As you can see above, Zelda fits into the unique style seen in Record of Lodoss War. Her long golden hair is parted just right with a jeweled crown separating her long bangs. Dressed in plated gold armor, Zelda's eyes are plenty pronounced compared to her pouty lips, and Link would have a hard time not falling for the heroine's dewy complexion.

Sadly, there are no plans in place for The Legend of Zelda to get an anime, but fans are surprised by how well this fantasy art style fits the heroine. In the past, netizens have rallied hard for Studio Ghibli to adapt the Nintendo title, and rumors swirled that Netflix might be tackling such a series with producer Adi Shankar. A series of teaser tweets had fans wondering if the streaming service had secured the unlikely rights, but it turns out Shankar was preparing to announce a Devil May Cry series. So, when it comes to The Legend of Zelda, fans are thinking studios like AIC or Madhouse could handle the task if given a chance.

After all, the companies have both put out anime projects for Record of Lodoss War, and Rapoza has proven the fantasy franchise has an aesthetic that easily fits in with Hyrule. So, if fans are real lucky, guys like Ganon might get the chance to become anime's next big baddie should a Japanese studio pick up a license for The Legend of Zelda.

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