The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Drops New Promo

The Rising of the Shield Hero's second season was delayed, like a number of other anime franchises, thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, but the series is set to make its return next spring and is releasing new footage of the upcoming adventures of Naofumi and his fellow adventurers. With Shield Hero becoming one of the biggest examples of Isekai, a genre that focuses on a protagonist finding himself transported to a strange new world, there are plenty of fans that are dying to learn more about the next season.

The first season of the Isekai starring Naofumi and his merry band saw the aimless twenty-something transported to a mystical world that has a number of things in common with the virtual worlds of massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Unfortunately for our favorite Shield Hero, Naofumi was facing an uphill battle from the start, with his weapon being the weakest of the four that were given to other warriors that had been teleported to this unique realm. Luckily, the Isekai protagonist has been able to turn around his fate but still has a chip on his shoulder as he attempts to save the world he finds himself on while putting together a team of rogues that can get his back.

Crunchyroll's Official Twitter Account shared the new trailer for the upcoming season of The Rising of The Shield Hero which will begin airing in April 2022, following the big delays that caused the series to move its release date back from its original premiere of later this year:

One of the producers behind the series, Kadokawa Tamura, went into detail regarding the fact that the creative minds behind the anime are hoping to have a much shorter wait between the second and third seasons, with the third having already been confirmed to be in production:

"We did announce seasons two and three at the same time, and since we're making you wait quite some time for them, we're going to try to not have too much of a gap between seasons two and three."


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