'The Seven Deadly Sin's Season 2 Introduces Galand

It looks like the first of the Ten Commandments has made themselves known in The Seven Deadly [...]

It looks like the first of the Ten Commandments has made themselves known in The Seven Deadly Sins. The anime's most recent episode introduced the Galand to the group, and his debut was as ominous as you'd expect.

The fourth episode of The Seven Deadly Sins' second season introduced Galand in its last moments. Diane, Merlin, Meliodas, and poor Elizabeth were faced with the demon when he landed in Camelot. The villain caused a heap of destruction when he landed in the city, and Meliodas was quick to call the guy out. However, it seemed like Galand was too busy chastising himself to care.

"I thought I'd need only 70 paces at this distance," Galland said, noting that it took him 72 jumps to reach Camelot from the Fairy King's Forest. "I've lost my edge over these past 3,000 years."

When Galand did notice Meliodas standing before him, the villain was pleased to see the hero.

"Long time no see, Meliodas! I knew it'd be you! You haven't changed at all," Galand said.

Of course, the greeting further cements the idea that there's a connection between Galand and Meliodas. Or, rather, the hero and the Ten Commandments. Manga readers will know all about the duo's ties, but anime fans are only starting to pick apart the mysterious relationship. There's one thing is for sure, and that is how powerful Galand is.

As a member of the Ten Commandments, fans are not surprised to hear the guy is strong, but it is to the extreme. Hawk confirms the fighter has a power class of 26,000 without any extra boosts.

For those unfamiliar with The Seven Deadly Sins, the series was created by Nakaba Suzuki. It follows the story of Elizabeth, third princess of a kingdom that has been taking over by the Holy Knights after staging a coup. She leaves in search of The Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights who had defended the kingdom ten years ago who had disbanded after they were blamed for plotting against the kingdom. Though the Holy Knights had said the Seven Sins had been slain, Elizabeth eventually meets their leader Meliodas.

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