The Seven Deadly Sins Releases Season 3B Trailer

The Seven Deadly Sins has had a rough year, but fans have held out hope for the show. The series' third season has a little longer to go before it wraps, so all eyes are on its final cour to impress before it is too late. Now, the first trailer has gone live for the season's back half, and well - it is up to you to decide how you feel about it.

The trailer, which you can find below, is a short one teasing the next steps of season three. The Seven Deadly Sins brought things to a halt not long ago as Meliodas fought Escanor. The fight is one which got lambasted by fans for its poor quality. And looking at this teaser, it doesn't seem like things are going to get much better.

The video begins with a slideshow-esque show of photos. Elizabeth is seen kneeling down when Zeldris talks before her. The two are at odds as always, and you know it will not take long before Meliodas tries to intervene.

The rest of the teaser includes plenty of close-up shots as Meliodas mourns his past. Plenty of things are teased about the Seven Deadly Sins leader, and his comrades seem concerned about their friend. In the end, fans are brought back to Meliodas' fight with Escanor as the hero brings out his demonic nature, but fans are having a hard time getting excited.

After all, this trailer features little to no animation. You have some facial animation to make up for the characters talking, but little else is seen. If there is a red flag to note in anime, sparse animation is high up there, so fans of The Seven Deadly Sins aren't putting much stock in this backhalf until given reason to.


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The Seven Deadly Sins was created by Nakaba Suzuki. It follows the story of Elizabeth, third princess of a kingdom that has been taking over by the Holy Knights. She leaves in search of The Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights who had defended the kingdom ten years ago who had disbanded after they were blamed for plotting against the kingdom. Though the Holy Knights had said the Seven Sins had been slain, Elizabeth eventually meets their leader Meliodas.