Toei Animation Comments on Tragic Passing of 'Dragon Ball' Voice Actor Hiromi Tsuru

The anime fandom was rocked yesterday by the sudden death of voice actor Hiromi Tsuru, perhaps best known for her work as the Japanese voice of Bulma in the various incarnations of Dragon Ball. Today, the company behind Dragon Ball Super, Toei Animation, responded to the actor's passing via Twitter.

"Now [sic] words can express how sad we are about the tragic passing of Hiromi Tsuru, who gave life to Bulma for more than 30 years," the company tweeted. "RIP Hiromi, you will always be remembered. We love you forever."

Hiromi Tsuru, 57, reportedly passed away after being found unconscious in her car yesterday. Born in November 1960, she got her start in the 1970s voicing a character in The Story of Perrine. Over the years, Tsuru went on to play characters in Ranma 1/2, Miyuki, Trigun, and, most notably, Bulma. will continue to report on this tragic event should further details come to light.