Toei Animation Was Just Targeted By Hackers

Toei Animation is responsible for some of the biggest anime series in the world. From Dragon Ball to Sailor Moon and beyond, the company has given fans so much in its tenure. Of course, that means the community is ready to rally behind Toei Animation whenever things go south, and they're in full force right now following a rather surprising hack.

The update comes from IT Media over in Japan as Toei Animation addressed the hack publicly for the first time. The report confirms the hack was noticed on March 6th and addressed immediately. The company would not say what part of its website was broken into, but Toei Animation did shut down its online shop as a precaution either way.

Toei Animation is now working with a company that specializes in IT security to discover what info was compromised. The pair are wanting to learn whether any personal info was hacked alongside internal documents and emails. Toei Animation also said it has shut down outside access to its internal systems in light of this investigation, and there is no word on whether customer-facing portions of its website will be limited moving forward.

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As you can imagine, the leak has taken fans by surprise, but Toei Animation shouldn't be too shocked. It is one of the biggest names in anime with a lot of projects on hand. Not only is Dragon Ball Super: Super Broly ready to bring the studio back to theaters, but Toei Animation is also busy with TV series like One Piece. And if any of these projects get leaked, well – you can bet their studio will have something to stay about that.

What do you make of this troubling report? Do you think the hackers uncovered anything about Dragon Ball or One Piece...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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