Tokyo Ghoul's Creator Draws Attack On Titan Art

Tokyo Ghoul recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, with the story of Ken Kenaki becoming one of the most popular anime franchises that tells a bloody story of the supernatural, and while creator Sui Ishida has plenty to celebrate in his own series, the mangaka took the opportunity to honor the work of Hajime Isayama in Attack On Titan. With the fourth and final season putting Eren Jaeger into a very different place by running a group of warriors known as the Jaegerists, the animated series is set to tell its final stories early next year that will bid farewell to the Survey Corps.

While Attack On Titan is set to bring its story to a close thanks to its animated series currently being run by Studio MAPPA, with the previous three seasons being put together by Wit Studio, Tokyo Ghoul's animated future is still anyone's guess. With the franchise recently releasing a new live-action movie and a video game that made its way to North America, the fan base that is looking for a new entry into this ghoulish world are dying to see if the series will make a return to the small screen or if Sui Ishida will create new stories for Ken Kenaki in the future.

Sui Ishida, the creator of Tokyo Ghoul, shared this amazing new sketch that shows the former hero of Attack On Titan who has been placed into a terrifying new situation as he attempts to enact his brother Zeke's "Euthanasia Plan" and eliminate the power of the Titans from the world:

Eren's story came to a close earlier this year when Hajime Isayama ended the dark manga story, and while there have been no confirmations or rumors of the series making a return, there were a few seeds that were planted in both the final chapter and the director's cut of said final chapter, that might hint at the idea that the mangaka is not through with his world that pitted the Eldians against the Marleyians. Needless to say, manga readers and anime viewers alike are waiting to see how MAPPA will handle the insanity of the final stories of the Scout Regiment.


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