Tokyo Ghoul Creator Updates Fans on Next Manga

It has been some time since Tokyo Ghoul came to a close, but things have not been quiet for Sui Ishida in the wake of its finale. The artist took a deserved rest before he got back to business. For the past several months, Ishida has been working on his new project, and the artist revealed the name of the series at last in a recent Twitter post.

The artist took to social media to share a short sketch with fans, and it is there Ishida dropped the big bombshell on everyone. The man said he finally settled on a name for his new project, and it is none other than Choujin X.

"I fell asleep yesterday after finalizing the name of my new manga. I dreamt of Kaneki and spoke to him within my heart," Ishida told his followers. "The title of my new story is Choujin X. Please enjoy it when you can."

As you can see above, the artwork posted alongside the announcement appears to show part of Choujin X. The series appears to be another supernatural horror given the creature in this sketch. The black-and-white piece shows a towering figure to the left that has spindly talons and a narrow face. It is hard to see the creature's angular features since their head is turned down, but fans can see how fit the monster is with its lanky frame.


The artwork is completed with the addition o of a boy. A mysterious person is seen leaning into the creature, and their face is whited out. It seems there is some sort of connection between these figures, so fans are eager to see how Choujin X connects the pair.

Are you excited to see Ishida stage a comeback? What do you want to see from his next series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.