'Tokyo Ghoul' Final Season Shares First Promo

Tokyo Ghoul may have closed its manga this year, but its anime has a bit more to go. Soon, the [...]

Tokyo Ghoul may have closed its manga this year, but its anime has a bit more to go. Soon, the show will step out for its final season, and a first-look at Tokyo Ghoul:re season two has gone live.

So, if you are ready to see how this anime blows out, its finale will drop before you know it.

Over on Youtube, the first preview for Tokyo Ghoul:re season two went live, and it is a short thing. As you can see above, the reel is only 15 seconds, but it crams in lots of information.

To start, the trailer kicks off with Touka staring ahead as she stands amongst a pile of rubble. The camera zooms in to show her eyes, and a reflection of Ken in all his white-haired glory is seen.

As the teaser continues, fans are shown a series of scenes. At one point, the trailer shows the CCG's Quinx investigators grouped together before Ken makes a comeback. The protagonist is seen with his hair back to black, and a voiceover can be heard introducing the new installment of Tokyo Ghoul to fans.

So far, reception to the reel has been mixed as fans aren't too pleased with its pacing. Currently, reports indicate this final season with run 12 episodes which will force Tokyo Ghoul:re to adapt 122 chapters in very little time. On average, an episode will need to adapt about 10 chapters worth of content, and that kind of pacing has irked audiences since the anime began. As for its animation, it seems Pierrot Plus is still in-charge of this final season as Studio Pierrot prepares a new Mr. Osomatsu feature. While fans are interested to see how Tokyo Ghoul's anime goes out, many aren't happy with its animation quality and hope this season will take time with its action sequences at the very least.

For those unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul, the series was original created by Sui Ishida. The story follows Ken Kaneki, a student who survives an encounter with his date, who turns out to be a ghoul. Kaneki's world is filled with Ghouls, beings who eat humans, and they've been living among humans in secret. After surviving this attack he wakes up to realize that he himself has become a ghoul because of a surgery that implanted organs from the ghoul who attacked him. In order to live somewhat a normal life, Kaneki needs to eat human flesh to survive. Luckily he's taken in by a group of ghouls at the cafe Anteiku, who help him reintegrate into society.

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