Will Tower of God Get a Second Season?

Tower of God has become one of the year's best anime, and fans are eager to find out whether there [...]

Tower of God has become one of the year's best anime, and fans are eager to find out whether there is more to come. You can imagine how the anime's success has prompted more and more fans to ask for season two. Those pleas are only getting louder now that season one has ended, but there is no word on whether a second season is coming.

It only makes sense for a new season to be ordered, but you have to look at the facts to see if that is possible. Tower of God is the flagship project between Crunchyroll and Webtoon. The alliance was made to animate a slew of popular Manhwa from South Korea, and this series from SIU was the first up.

Currently, there are other projects in the works as The God of High School is next for the collar. It turns out a different studio will produce this high-flying series, and the same goes for the rest. This does mean Telecom Animation Film has the availability to tackle a new season.

(Photo: Telecom Animation / Crunchyroll)

After all, this studio does not often take on projects of its own. Before Tower of God came along, Lupin the Third and Orange are just some of the few titles which Telecom Animation Film created. Since then, the the studio has worked on a slew of foreign projects including DC Entertainment ventures.

While Crunchyroll has not given a hard yes or no on season two, fans are sure a second season is coming. Reports have cropped up suggesting as much, but those are all rumors until an official announcement is made. Later this year Crunchyroll Expo will hold an online event where such an announcement could be made, so fans may have to wait until this fall to hear anything about season two.

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