Universal Studios Japan Is Getting Lots Of Anime Attractions This Year

2017 is an excellent year for anime, and it’s not just because of Japan’s impending line-up of [...]

2017 is an excellent year for anime, and it's not just because of Japan's impending line-up of shows. No, the medium is on an upturn as fans from around the world continue to embrace anime, and it looks like Universal Studios Japan is ready to capitalize on those would-be tourists. This year, the theme park will be rolling out a variety of attractions based on famous franchises like Monster Hunter and Attack on Titan.

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To start things off, Universal Studios Japan will kick off 2017 will a traveling show. Sengoku The Real is one of the park's most ambitious plays, and it will be traveling to Osaka Castle between December and March. Along with the show, the stage play will also be bringing along food vendors who sell Sengoku-inspired dishes like meat buns and oden.

This week, Universal Studios Japan kicked off its biggest anime project yet when it made rides based on Monster Hunter, Detective Conan, Attack on Titan, Evangelion, and Godzilla public. The first ride is called Monster Hunter: The Real and puts users on an airship crew that's hunting for a dragon. However, things go south when the crew discovers their target has teamed up with an older, more violent dragon who's ready to bring them down.

As for Detective Conan, fans can enter an escape game based on the series as they try to help the young sleuth rescue hostages as a local seminar. Users will have an hour to get out of the attraction, and food will also be sold at the locale.

Of course, many fans are looking forward to the Attack on Titan attraction. The anime franchise will be getting a 4D movie that fully immerses fans in an original, exclusive story about the Survey Corps and the show's beastly Titans. But, if those behemoths are not enough for you, then visitors will be able to try their hand at the Godzilla 4D attraction.


Fans will be able to go head-to-head with the King of Monsters as the attraction puts them in the cockpit of a fighter jet that's on route to destroy Godzilla. And, when it comes to the Evangelion ride, anime enthusiasts will find themselves stuck inside the anime's universe as a horde of Angels attack the city, and virtual reality tech will ensure riders feel every heart-stopping second.

If you are hoping to see these attractions for yourself, then you better get to Universal Studios Japan quickly. Most of the rides will be shut down on June 25th, so it might be time you invested in a plane ticket.

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