Universal Studios Japan Unleashes Godzilla Vs Evangelion Merchandise

There have been a lot of crazy crossovers in pop culture these past year. We've seen Archie Andrews brawl with the Predator. We've seen Jason Voorhees fight Freddy Krueger in a dream. Now, Universal Studios Japan is pushing the next big crossover fight: Neon Genesis Evangelion Versus Godzilla. Along with a "4-D Attraction", Universal Studios will also be releasing some merchandising in the form of an amazing popcorn buckets and snacks to celebrate this universe shattering clash.

Evangelion itself is one of the most popular anime around and has gotten some recent newsworthy stories created about the subject matter thanks to the series returning to the airwaves on Netflix in the summer. Godzilla of course is in the news thanks mostly to its upcoming film, Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, which will see Legendary Studios creating the next installment of the "Monster-Verse" by bringing in Godzilla regulars Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra onto the big screen. You couldn't ask for a better time to have these two franchises duke it out and Universal Studios Japan has delivered.

The merchandise itself includes a number of different cookies with a Godzilla footprint and Eva language printed on them as well as an amazing popcorn bucket which certainly needs further examination. The bucket itself is modeled after the shape of Godzilla's head that's merged with both the color and shape of Eva Unit 01. While the Gozilla seen here will take the appearance of the recent Shin Godzilla adaptation recently released in Japan, Evangelion will remain with the interpretation known the world over.

Crunchyroll was given the following summary of the attraction from Universal Studios Japan:


"The new story is set in Osaka-III, a one-off of Evangelion's Tokyo-III, with attendees taking on the role of government inspectors observing the city from overhead. The inspection is cut short when Godzilla appears and goes on a rampage. Fortunately Shinji, Rei, and Asuka are on hand to fight him; unfortunately, the inspectors' ship is in the midst of the battle."The attraction itself will be open at the end of this month on May 31st and then close up shop on August 25th. The park will also be highlighting several other popular anime franchises with attractions and themes throughout, including properties Sailor Moon, Attack On Titan, Lupin The Third, and Detective Conan.

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