Uzumaki Creator Junji Ito Comments on Anime's Delay

Junji Ito's Uzumaki is one of the most memorable stories to emerge from the mind of the master of horror, so it's no surprise to see that Cartoon Network's Toonami is adapting the story of a town that is obsessed with spirals. Unfortunately, it seems that fans that have been waiting to see this spooky new series will have to wait a bit longer as the horror mangaka has shared comments when it comes to the latest delays of the creepy adaptation.

Uzumaki was first released in 1998, with the horror story becoming one of the most notable when it comes to the master of horror, Junji Ito. Telling the story of a town that is cursed by an obsession with spirals, the horror tale eventually received a live-action adaptation in Japan, though the story has never been brought to the world of anime before Toonami made its big announcement. Originally slated to hit Toonami in 2021, COVID-19 threw a monkey wrench into the proceedings and pushed it back for one year, wherein it was set to hit this fall. Unfortunately, it seems that Production Team needs a bit more time to complete their work.

Junji Ito took to his Official Twitter Account to share the notification from the "Uzumaki Anime Production Team" which states that the anime adaptation has been delayed from its original release window of this fall, with a new release date still being a mystery at this point in time:

The English translation of this Tweet reads as such:

"This is an announcement of the postponement of the broadcast of the anime "Uzumaki" scheduled to be broadcast on the US Cartoon Network / Adult Swim broadcast frame "Toonami"! Please wait for a while to announce the official release again!"

Currently, Uzumaki isn't the only story of Junji Ito's that is set to receive an anime adaptation, as Netflix is working with the master of horror on a new series titled Maniac, which will be an anthology series translating some of the mangaka's creepiest stories to the small screen for the first time. 

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