Can Vegeta Use Ultra Instinct in 'Dragon Ball Super'?

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 below! Dragon Ball Super fans have been [...]

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 below!

Dragon Ball Super fans have been clamoring for more of Goku's Ultra Instinct form ever since its debut, and now they might get to see Vegeta reach that level of power too.

But will he be able to use Ultra Instinct?

As Goku triggered Ultra Instinct for a second time - in the battle with Universe 6's Kefla - fans have been trying to dissect what exactly causes this transformation. There was a theory prevalent on Japanese forums over whether or not Goku was receiving a new type of energy from the World of Void, and while that theory has yet to be debunked, Whis has given a few details as to what Ultra Instinct is and how to master it.

As Whis explains, Ultra Instinct is a mode where the fighter attacks and defends unconsciously. In order to reach it, let alone master it, the fighter must be entirely void of thought and let their body respond to attacks on its own. While watching Goku's battle with Kefla, Vegeta remembers training under Whis as he and Goku struggled to land a hit on the Angel. Using this as inspiration, Vegeta vows to use Ultra Instinct as well.

There's a precedent in place in prior Dragon Ball history where Vegeta reaches Goku's levels after watching him in action, but it's not necessarily the same case here. Vegeta has been established as a methodical fighter, and it's what separates him from Goku. Vegeta makes up for a lack of Goku's natural talent with effort and training, but seeing as how Goku can't even master the form - of which he triggered by accident - it's harder to accept that Vegeta will be able to do the same.

Breaking it down even further, even Vegeta vowing to use Ultra Instinct keeps him further away. If thoughts weigh down the fighter, the very want of this new power keeps it at bay. Much more so than Goku, Vegeta has always been fueled by his emotions in fights. In fact, his first transformation to Super Saiyan was brought on by his rage at his inferiority to Goku.

If Vegeta truly does want to reach Ultra Instinct, he needs to challenge himself as much as Goku has done in the Tournament of Power. Goku has fought incredibly strong opponents so far, and Vegeta simply does not have the same caliber of opponents under his belt. Even if he does fight strong opponents, until Vegeta lets go of his emotions he'll be struggling to reach new power.

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