'Gundam' Manga Reveals Why Mobile Suits Make Noise In Space

One of the biggest in-jokes in science fiction narratives among fans is how various machines make [...]

One of the biggest in-jokes in science fiction narratives among fans is how various machines make sounds in space despite space existing in a vacuum. Mobile Suit Gundam is no stranger to these kinds of criticisms and jokes, but like most other things in the series, this has an explanation as well.

Mobile Suit Gundam once answered as to how Mobile Suits make noise in space, and it's because of a high-tech system that matches sounds with video.

Twitter user @alleycat346 shared a few pages from the Ark Performance's Gundam manga, Mobile Suit Gundam: Sparking A Baoa Qu, which gives a proper explanation as to why the suits make sounds in space. In the pages shared above, one character asks the other why he can hear huge sounds in space's vacuum and the other responds that there is a stereophonic sound system inside of the cockpits and helmets of the mobile suits.

According to the manga, first a camera collects footage from the outside, and a computer then registers those images and plays pre-registered sounds that matches what pilots are seeing. The character then explains that if the system sees an explosion, then the pilot will hear and feel the explosion in return. On the third page, the same character then says that he and a few fellow students at school used to change the pre-registered sounds during training as a way to entertain themselves.

While this explanation is a bit of a contrivance, it does reflect how much attention to detail the Mobile Suit Gundam franchises pays to the way its world works. Even something as small as sounds in space has an explanation.

One Mobile Suit Gundam fan even calculated what kind of power the mechas would yield in real life. Taking one of the most oft-ignored mechs in the series, that fans wouldn't consider too powerful, they calculated an incredible range that would surely do damage in the real world.

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