Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay Imagines Holiday Dark Magician Girl

Yu-Gi-Oh's most famous protagonist is easily Yugi Moto, being the duelist to kick things off in the anime franchise via the first season known as Duel Monsters. While Yugi was never the protagonist of the series following his season, fans still remember him and his famous duel monsters, with one fan in particular creating some unique cosplay that gets the Dark Magician Girl into the holiday spirit via a red and white makeover. With Yu-Gi-Oh set to return next year with a new series, there's definitely opportunity for old monsters to make a comeback.   

During this year's Jump Festa, the major event that hints at the future for a number of anime franchises, Yu-Gi-Oh! made the announcement that a new anime series was in the works, running under the name of Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush. With the previous season of the anime franchise being Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens, the series has yet to reveal what ties this new season might have with the previous entries if any. Of course, as fans of the anime franchise know, Yugi Moto's story ended with the first season that introduced him and his friends, though the Duel Monsters continue to be employed by new duelists via these new stories. 

Instagram Cosplayer K8Sarkissian shared this new take on one of Yugi Moto's favorite duel monsters, giving the Dark Magician Girl a colorful new makeover that gets her into the holiday spirit as fans of the franchise await the new storyline of Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush to arrive next year: 

Though Yugi's story came to an end with Duel Monsters, he has made appearances in films that followed the conclusion of the first season. While Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush is telling a new story, the promotional material for the new season hasn't featured Yugi within it, most likely hinting that the original protagonist once again won't be featured. While Yugi might be absent, it is definitely possible for Dark Magician Girl to make an appearance as she remains a stalwart card within the franchise.

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