Hilarious Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Dub Has Fans Laughing

Yu-Gi-Oh may not be on the level of Pokemon when it comes to card battling in the real world, but it is arguably the most popular anime that focuses on card battles. While the first series spotlighted the student Yugi as he card battled for his soul against opponents with the help of a pharaoh living in his brain. When this series ended, additional Yu-Gi-Oh anime series sprung forth with the most recent title being "VRAINS". The series, brought over to the US dubbed, has given fans enjoyment in more ways than one.

VRAINS follows the high school student, Yusaku Fujiki, as he enters the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, which in his home of Den City, exists in a virtual reality world that players across the globe participate in. One of Fujiki's friends come in the form of Naoki Shima, another student who manifests his bravado through the form of a super heroic identity dubbed "The Brave Battler". When entering into duels, Shima will sometimes don this apparel and make moves similar to those of Sentai series that are so popular in Japan.

VRAINS, the sixth Yu-Gi-Oh series, itself has had over 100 episodes and continues to this day. The dub is attempting to release episodes to keep up with original Japanese version while simultaneously putting a unique American spin on the version here in the West. During one such scene, Shima finds himself face to face with his opponent, Hanoi, wearing his Brave Battler outfit. As he pulls off his Sentai moves, Hanoi notes that BB has made an "un-cool move" in displaying "The Dab". While this wasn't the intention in the original version in Japan, it's a hilarious move to note here in the US.

(Photo: Toei Animation )

Dubs of anime in the West tend to vary significantly, with some legendary examples being Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball Z, while others tend not to live up the standards set by the East. It's fantastic to see the dubbers here have some fun with the events taking place, adding in jokes specific to US culture. Maybe one day, we'll get a Mighty Morphing Dabbing Rangers show.

Yu-Gi-Oh! was originally created by Kazuki Takahashi for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and ran from September 1996 to March 2004. The series follows Yugi Mutou, a young boy who solves an ancient puzzle and is possessed by the spirit of the Egyptian pharoah. Being skilled at deadly games, the Pharoah goes on to create and solve problems for Yugi based on deadly games of chance.

Two anime adaptations were created for the series, but the one most fans will recognize is Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. Duel Monsters was the first arc in the story to focus on the "Duel Monsters" card game and was the first season licensed for an English language release by 4Kids Entertainment. The first season of the series, which fans often dub as "Season 0," has such deadly games of chance with horrible consequences that fans could not believe it was a part of this series at first.



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