Yu-Gi-Oh Actor Voices Memorial for Kazuki Takahashi in Special Broadcast

It has been less than a week since news of Kazuki Takahashi's death went live. The creator of Yu-Gi-Oh was confirmed dead to the dismay of millions, and tributes for the artist continue to pour in. Now, one of the anime's top stars is lending their voice to Takahashi's memory, and fans can check out the report for themselves thanks to a now-viral tweet.

After all, it is hard to misplace Seto Kaiba when he speaks. A news program in Japan managed to bring in actor Kenjiro Tsuda to narrate a segment on Takahashi's legacy. And as you can see below, the memorial is one fans won't want to miss.

The clip may be short, but Tsuda delivers the tribute to Takahashi will all the grace you'd expect of someone with his talent. The actor may be known best to Yu-Gi-Oh fans for voicing Kaiba, yes, but he has overseen a number of high-profile characters. From Hannes in Attack on Titan to Nanami Kento in Jujutsu Kaisen and beyond, Tsuda has been acting for decades, and his admiration for Takahashi can be heard in this tribute.

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For those unaware of the tragic news, the Japan Coast Guard confirmed Takahashi's death last week after the creator was found off the coast of Okinawa in scuba diving gear. After being spotted by a passing boat, Takahashi's body was identified by authorities and an investigation into the death is underway. At this time, no cause of death for Takahashi has been announced.