Donald Trump Fires The Hulk

Lou Ferrigno fired

Lou Ferrigno’s run on The Celebrity Apprentice has come to an end. The actor, who is best known for playing Hulk in The Incredible Hulk TV series that ran in the seventies and eighties, was fired by Donald Trump.

In this week’s task, the celebrities were challenged to create a commercial for When Donald Trump asked Lou Ferrigno which video he liked the best, Ferrigno replied that he preferred the other team’s video. Even though Ferrigno’s opinion matched with what the executives thought, Ferrigno’s fellow team members were infuriated at what they perceived as a betrayal.

Also, Lisa Lampanelli must not have ever heard that it’s not a good thing to make the Hulk angry. Lampanelli had called Ferrigno a loser on the last episode, and Ferrigno said that if she were a man that he would put her through the wall

In the boardroom, Trump told Ferrigno, “Most importantly, there was a great disloyalty to your team. Lou, you’re fired.” Ferrigno replied, “Take it back, I don’t want to be fired. I don’t want to be fired.” But Trump said, “Lou, there’s nothing that I can do.”