Superman/Wonder Woman Title Announced

sm-wwpromo043colorjpg-50eccf_610wTony Daniel may have missed out on drawing an extended run on Action Comics, but that doesn't mean he's leaving Superman behind. Beginning in October, the star artist will team with writer Charles Soule, one of DC's new favorite talents, for Superman/Wonder Woman, a new title that focuses on the pair.

The book will be an expansion of the line for both heroes; currently, Wonder Woman only headlines one title (although she appears in Justice League monthly and around the DC Universe). Superman has four titles in which his name appears prior to this--including the newly-launched Superman Unchained and the upcoming Batman/Superman. As with Batman/Superman, the Superman/Wonder Woman title will likely be scrutinized as indicative of whose name has more drawing power at comic book retailers, since Superman gets top billing here but not with Batman.

IGN, who have the announcement exclusively and provided the preview art at left, say that the new, ongoing title will "serve to explore the budding relationship between the DCU's most powerful heroes."

Of course, if DC Comics is going to double down on Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship, what is it that Gail Simone is doing with Lois Lane...?