Karl Urban Brings Dredd Voice Back For Live Judge Dredd: America Reading at Dallas Comic Con

Dredd-AmericaFans who had hoped we might eventually see Karl Urban's take on Judge Dredd take on the famed Judge Dredd: America storyline got the tiniest bit of their wish over the weekend, when Karl Urban appeared at the Dallas Comic-Con and read that story's opening monologue in his best and most menacing Dredd voice.

He also noted that in the course of his research for the role, the image above--the page on which this monologue takes place--was one of his favorite images ever of Dredd, and so it became the basis for the film's movie poster (which you can see below and at right).

While the idea of a sequel is still up in the air at best, a follow-up comic book titled Dredd: Underbelly, set in the continuity of the film, has been a massive success both in the U.K. and in the U.S., with its second printing U.S. edition coming soon with a new cover by famed comic artist and Dredd 3D concept artist Jock.

FIN06-Dredd-1Sht-ab3-jpg_154331You can see the a version of the video embedded below, with the pertinent bit starting around 1:45. A shorter version of the video, cropped closer in on Urban and focused exclusively on the Judge Dredd reading, can be seen at the 2000AD Tumblr.

Here's what the publication had to say about Urban's performance:

Incredible - this is a video of Karl Urban reading the opening lines from the classic ‘Judge Dredd: America’ story in his best DREDD voice.

If you don’t know ‘America’ then you should add it to your collection immediately - it’s not only one of the greatest Dredd stories ever, but it also inspired the movie:http://shop.2000adonline.com/products/judge_dredd_america