Kickstarting World War 3

a23697e08a84fc2febe34a3b5774d482_largeThe home to radical comics for the past 35 years World War 3 Illustrated is on Kickstarter raising funds for an anthology.

The magazine that Eisner- and American Book Award-winner Joe Sacco says "has been at the barricades for decades," is trying to raise $15,000 for a 320-page, full-color anthology.

It will be published (if successful) by PM Press which publishes primarily progressive political books and DVDs, as well as some art books like Drawn to New York.

World War 3 Illustrated is a comic and art magazine that is published semi-annually.

Here's how they describe the planned anthology on the Kickstarter page:

Founded in 1979 by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper, World War 3 Illustrated magazine is a labor of love run by a collective of artists (both first-timers and established professionals) and political activists working with the unified goal of creating a home for political comics, graphics, and stirring personal stories. The confrontational comics published in WW3 Illustrated shine a little reality on the fantasy world of the American kleptocracy and have inspired the developing popularity and recognition of comics as a respected art form.

With PM Press, we’re publishing a full-color retrospective exhibition of the magazine that’s arranged thematically, including housing rights, feminism, environmental issues, religion, police brutality, globalization, and depictions of conflicts from the Middle East to the Midwest. World War 3 Illustrated isn’t about a war that may happen; it’s about the ongoing wars being waged around the world and on our very own doorsteps. World War 3 Illustrated also illuminates the war we wage on each other—and sometimes the one taking place in our own minds. World War 3 artists have been covering the topics that matter for over three decades, and they’re just getting warmed up!

World War 3 has long been a place for artists and writers to have a place for political work that may not be of the main stream at the moment - in the days after 9/11 they published Tom Tomorrow and Maus' Art Spiegelman - who could otherwise not find homes for their work.

At the time of publishing this article they're a little over $4,000 with 28 days to go. To find out more about the project, or to kick in - click here.