The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap With Spoilers: "A"

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale who dies

As previously reported, the episode opens on a flashback. At the prison, the gates are rolled open and a car pulls up. Rick, Maggie and Glenn pile out , and Hershel is waiting for them. It's before Carol's excommunication, so she and Tyreese walk by. At the fence line, Rick joins a numebr of survivors who are taking out walkers.

Cut from that relatively bright tableau to a shot of Rick alone beside a truck with its windows covered by sheets. He's covered in blood and it's silent. He's in shock, shaking, and there are signs of a struggle everywhere.

In the woods, in realtime, Rick is cooking a can of food over a flame with Michonne and Carl; he gets up to check the snares, and ends up teaching Carl and Michonne how to use the animal traps they've been relying on for meat. They plan to camp out in the woods for a while longer and for Rick to finish healing up. Carl wants to know how close they are to Terminus, and Rick says they're close. Carl asks what they're going to tell the people at Terminus -- will they tell all of the things they've had to do in order to survive? Rick says only that "we're going to tell them who we are."

The Walking Dead Season 4 FinaleBefore the conversation can go any farther, they spot a walker and Michonne dispatches it.

At the traps, they find a rabbit that's been snared. Rick explains the process to Carl as seen in the preview scenes last week; you set up a noose, hide it in leaves and set up sticks all around it so that any animals traveling that way have to go right into the trap.

At that moment, a man screams for help and Carl runs to assist. There's a group of walkers surrounding the man in a clearing nearby, and Carl is about to shoot into the pack, but Rick stops him, telling Carl that they can't help the man. He's pounced on by a pack of walkers and just before Rick and the group can leave, they start to be followed.

Back at the prison, Hershel wakes Rick and tells him that "ever since I gave Glenn my watch, it's always 'right now' to me." He tells Rick he won't need his gun, that it will just get in the way, and they leave Rick's cell.

Back in the present, the trio are taking out a group of walkers on the railroad tracks, then keep moving because there are more behind them. They're all hungry and tired; they come across a truck in the road, riddled with damage and with a mutilated, mostly-decayed walker snarling nearby. They make camp next to the truck, cook and eat the rabbit from earlier and resume talking about how hungry they are. Rick guesses they're a day from Terminus; he thinks they have to have a system in place if they're taking people in, but Michonne has her doubts whether the whole thing is even legitimate. Rick says they let people in at the prison, but Michonne says so did Woodbury.

They hear a noise in the woods, but don't see anything and resume their conversation. Suddenly, they're set upon by Joe's group; Joe holds a gun to Rick's head, telling him he screwed up, while the rest of the group kick away Rick's group's weapons.

The Walking Dead Will Daryl SurviveJoe tells Rick that it's a day or reckoning. He starts to count down, saying its' New Year's Eve. Daryl comes out from around the side of the vehicle where Dan is standing outside terrorizing Carl. He tells them to kill him instead of Rick, that Rick and Michonne are good people. Joe tells Daryl that's a lie, and the group start to pound on Daryl. Joe says to "teach him all the way," the same thing he said before they killed Len. Dan starts to hold a knife to Carl's neck.

Rick tells Joe that it was just him that killed their friend. Joe says he understands, and they'll be reasonable: that they're going to beat Daryl to death, then rape Michonne and Carl, then kill Rick, then it's over. Dan starts trying to sexually assault Carl and Rick head-butts Joe. They get into a fight while Michonne is fending off Tony and Carl is in the process of being assaulted by Dan. Joe begins to get an advantage on Rick, but Rick rips Joe's throat out with his teeth. MMichonne takes advantage of the confusion to get Tony's gun and kill a couple of the Marauders. Daryl joins in. Dan is the last one left, and Rick says "he's mine, then stabs him repeatedly while Michonne cradles Carl.

Back at the prison, Hershel explains to Carl how they can domesticate pigs and horses and star tot plant on the prison grounds. He wants Rick to do it, but he says he has to go on runs. Hershel tells Rick "the war is over," and that Carl needs his father to show him the way. "What way are you going to show him?" He asks. He tells Hershel he has to go on a run and Hershel says he doesn't.

In the present day, cut back to Rick near the car. Inside, Carl sleeps while Michonne watches over him.. Daryl returns to offer Rick some water to clean the blood off his face. He sits down and tells Rick he didn't know who those people were. He tells Rick about Beth's disappearance; he says he knew they were bad, but they had a code, so he clung to it. Rick tells him that he understands. Daryl tells Rick that they were looking for "some guy," he was going to leave rather than watch them kill some poor guy, then stepped up when he realized it was Rick and his group. He says he didn't know what they could do. Rick tells him that it wasn't his fault. He tells him that joining them again was more important -- that Daryl is his brother. He tells Rick that anyone would have done what he did. Rick say no, that he's different when he's protecting Carl but that keeping them safe is all that matters.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale CarlOn the tracks again, he tells Michonne that he's okay. She says she knows, and that she is too. They come across a sign for Terminus that's beeen knocked down on the ground. Daryl says they'll be there before sundown, but Rick says they should approach through the woods since they don't know who the people at Terminus are.

They approach the Terminus compound from the back, coming up to a fence line that's well covered by grass and weeds. Rick tells htem to spread out and watch, but stay close. He offers Carl to stay with him, but Carl says it's alright and goes with Michonne. She asks why Carl didn't go with Rick. She tells him that when Andre died, her boyfriend Mike and his friend Terry were watching Andre but they were high; when walkers came, they were bit. She explains to him that they were the original companion walkers -- that it was insane and sick on her part, but that it seemed like what she deserved. It's a bit of irony that they hid her, protected her from the walkers when they couldn't protect Andre. She told Carl that she was gone for a long time before Rick, Andrea and Carl brought her back.  She tells him that Carl shouldn't be afraid of Rick, that she sees how he's been looking at him. Carl says that he's not a good man, that Rick's being proud of him is unwarranted. He says he still has violent impulses even though he looks like he's been reformed since killing that kid last season. The two hug. Rick, watching from a distance, seems concerned. Be buries a bag full of their weapons in a shallow hole in the woods and covers it with leaves, taking only a single handgun (not his revolver). Then the group jumps the fence into Terminus.

They approach the building from the back. Inside, there is a loudspeaker announcing the "Those who arrive survive" message. They approach the woman who is making the announcement and the group of people painting signs. A man comes out and introduces himself as Gareth. Rick introduces the group. Gareth asks if they're there for sanctuary. Rick says yes. Gareth tells Rick that they will take them on a tour of the place, but they need to surrender their weapons first.  Gareth tells them that the people in Terminus are good people, but that they aren't stupid either and that Rick and his group shouldn't try anything stupid either. They give everybody their weapons back and tell them to follow. Their tour guide takes them into the main area where Maggie, Glenn and the rest showed up last week.  Mary and the rest offer to fix a plate for Rick's group but Rick looks around and starts to recognize items that belong to prison survivors. When he sees Hershel's watch, he grabs the man and holds him at gunpoint, demanding to know where he got it.

Back at the prison, Patrick is playing with Lego blocks in the prison. Rick says that he got the blocks for Carl, but Carl is busy cleaning a gun a few yards away while Beth takes care of Judith.

The Walking Dead Gareth IntroducedRick tells Carl that he needs his help with something, and to leave the gun behind. He takes his off and leves it as well, telling Carl it will just get in the way.

Back at Terminus, the group is surrounded but Carl continues to demand to know where the man got the watch.  He tells the Rick he got the watch off a dead man. Gareth comes in and provides reasonable explanations for the rest of the things Rick has spotted. Rick asks where their people are. Gunfire erupts in Terminus and Rick's group has to run for their lives.

Ultimately they're trapped in the courtyard and find themselves running for a door that rolls closed. They find an alternate exit and go out through a gate marked "A," where they continue to be fired upon. They follow through a trail, continuing down the "A" path, and find themselves in a makeshift memorial. They figure out that the gunmen weren't trying to kill them, but were guiding them down a trap and start to go the other way but find themselves cut off by a huge number of people with guns.

Gareth demands they drop their weapons, and the group reluctantly do so. He tells Rick to go to a train car (also marked "A"), saying that Carl can go with him if he obeys, but otherwise they kill Carl and Rick ends up in the train car anyway. One by one they instruct the group into the train car, with Carl left alone. Finally they send him, too, after Rick won't open the door without him. As Carl makes his way to the train car, Rick and the others head inside. Carl follows and the car is closed up. Inside, it's dark and there are thudding noises. Glenn stands up and approaches Rick, who's glad he's alive. So is Maggie, and Tara, then everybody else too.  Glenn says they're friends, and Daryl says they're friends of theirs too.

"For however long that will be," Abraham says."

"No," Rick says.

Back at the prison, Rick, Carl and Hershel are farming while Beth and Judith look on. Hershel tells him it can be like this all the time if Rick lays down his guns. Back in the box car, Rick says "they're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out."

"Find out what?" Abraham asks.

"They're screwing with the wrong people," Rick says.