The Walking Dead Pulls Previews For Issue #127

The Walking Dead #127

There was a time when Skybound would release several pages of upcoming issues of The Walking Dead in advance as a preview. However, when the “All Out War” storyline started, Skybound went to only releasing a panel or two from upcoming issues, since that storyline was so secretive. Now, that the “All Out War” storyline is over, what did Skybound do for issue #127 of The Walking Dead? They didn’t release any preview at all, not a single panel.

The cover of The Walking Dead #127 features a mysterious woman, and there has been lots of speculation as to who this woman is. One of the most popular theories has been that the woman is Lily Caul. However, Robert Kirkman himself revealed that the woman is definitely not Lily.

Could it be that The Walking Dead comic book series will start following a new group of survivors? Is that why not a single panel can be released as a preview? Here’s an interesting tease that appeared on, “And is that a shipping container? Wasn’t there something about a shipping container at the end of season 4 of AMC’s Walking Dead?!”

The Walking Dead #127 arrives in comic book stores on May 14, 2014.