James Gunn Consulted NASA Scientists To Make Guardians Of The Galaxy As Scientifically Accurate As Possible

While fans are almost unanimously loving Guardians of the Galaxy, some fans have taken issue with a particular scene that they believe to be scientifically unsound.

The scene in question involves Star-Lord and Gamora floating through space without full spacesuits and living to tell the tale.

In response to these criticisms, director James Gunn has made a face book post explaining that he actually consulted with NASA scientists to keep the film as plausible as possible, specifically noting that he consulted them on the scene in question.

I consulted with a NASA scientist throughout the film. One of my questions was whether Peter Quill could survive in outer space without a spacesuit, and without the top of his head and hands covered. The answer is yes, for a short amount of time, if he had oxygen. And, without a mask, if he released all oxygen from his lungs, for a significantly shorter amount of time.

Gunn also added the following.

Throughout test screenings, people would be upset when Quill saves Gamora and both of them survive in space for a short amount of time without space suits or oxygen. But I had to stick to my guns in the editing of the film, as it was completely possible. In addition to the reasons the article states, there are a few more why Quill and Gamora survive.

-Gamora is genetically and cybernetically enhanced, allowing her to stay alive longer than Quill would.

-When Quill is in outer space outside both the Kyln and Knowhere, there is no anti-gravity, but there is residual atmosphere from those places. Rocket even mentions it to Quill outside Knowhere. This lessens the impact of space.

-Much of the scene is shot in slow motion, meaning it takes up more time on screen than it would in real life.

-The airlock within the Eclector (Yondu's ship) has regenerative properties, which is why both Quill and Gamora are all good when they are pulled into the ship. After all, the Ravagers are a bunch of thrill-seeking idiots. One of Kraglin's favorite pastimes is probably jumping out into outer space completely nude for a few seconds and quickly clamoring back in. 

Guardians of the Galaxy is now playing in theaters.