The 2017 Golden Issue Award for Best Comic Series

2018 is almost upon us, but before we say goodbye to 2017 it's time to recognize the greatness that this year had to offer in the realm of comics, and that's where's Golden Issue awards come in.

The entire staff at came together to vote on their favorite comic series from the past year. As you can imagine, whittling it down wasn't easy, and brought about more than a few, let's call them inspired conversations amongst the staff. Still, someone has to win but to be clear every series on this list is exceptional and deserves any attention it receives.

And the winner of Best Comic Series is...


Batman, by Tom King, Lee Weeks, Clay Mann, Joelle Jones, and Michael Lark!

To call 2017 a resurgence for DC Comics would be underselling it, and Batman led the charge. Writer Tom King is consistently able to find a balance that keeps Batman's flawed qualities without letting him fall into brooding tropes that have become synonymous with other Batman depictions. The edges are rough, but his compassion and kind heart manage to shine through at just the right moments.

King brought a fresh viewpoint to stalwart villains as well, telling inspired tales with characters like Bane and Psycho Pirate (I Am Suicide) as well as the Riddler and Joker (The War of Jokes and Riddles). He introduced new characters into the mix too, developing Gotham and Gotham Girl into well-rounded heroes.

This all pales in comparison though to the relationship between Batman and Catwoman, which has blossomed in some unexpected ways during King's run, even resulting in an engagement for the longtime pair.

None of these storylines would have landed so well if not for the lovely art of Lee Weeks, Mikel Janin, David Finch, Clay Mann, Joelle, Jones, and Michael Lark. The talented group combined to create a Batman universe all their own, with their differing art styles blending perfectly to keep this little section of the DC universe moving in perfect harmony.


In summary, Batman has never been better, and here's to an even greater 2018.

List of Nominees:

  • Batman [WINNER]
  • Doom Patrol
  • Saga
  • The Ultimates 2
  • Copra