The Addams Family: The Bodies Issue Review: A Sinister Yet Soft Take on Hollywood's Creepy Brood

The Addams Family: The Bodies Issue marks a spooky strong venture for Wednesday and her family.

They're creepy and they're kooky, but at their core, the Addams Family is so much more. For decades now, the hit franchise has embraced all things macabre courtesy of Gomez and Morticia. From film to television, The Addams Family thrives in the most ghoulish of places, and their latest release—The Addams Family: The Bodies Issue—has given IDW a chillingly good comic book just in time for the fall season.

This week, The Addams Family:The Bodies Issue arrives from writer Zöe Quinn. The clever story embraces the family's new animated facade and movie lovers will recognize this caricature take on the gang. The entire Addams Family shines in this issue as Morticia and Wednesday grapple with ideas related to identity.

(Photo: IDW)

Filled with easy quips befitting of the Addams Family tradition, Quinn strikes the perfect balance between gothic humor and adolescence angst. Wednesday is wise beyond her years in this comic book, and she finds herself leaning into a very different world from her own when faced with boredom. As Morticia and Gomez try to help their child, Wednesday must decide what their legacy means to her. And of course, Morticia helps with a bit of aid from her own family bloodline.

The Bodies Issue carries enough weight to make it stick with even casual readers, and its artwork is second to none. Penciler Philip Murphy is intentional in every splash panel. Paired with artists like inker Maria Keane and colorist Valentina Pinto, The Addams Family strikes a promising outing in this new one shot. So if you are eager to explore the haunted halls of the Addams' home again, this ghastly comic will certainly suit your tastes.

Published by IDW Publishing

On August 23, 2023

Written by Zöe Quinn

Art by Philip Murphy and Maria Keane

Colors by Valentina Pinto

Letters by Christa Miesner

Cover by Chynna Clugston Flores