Animosity Vol. 2 Review - Storytelling At Its Finest

There are few if any books like AfterShock Comics' Animosity on the market, but does the book keep its momentum with Vol. 2?

Spoilers incoming for Animosity Vol. 2, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Animosity Vol. 2 brings readers from the comforts of the Animilitary base to the dangerous unknown, though to be fair it wasn't like the fort was all that safe either. By comparison, this place makes the fort look like a palace, though it's in this perilous land that the characters of Animosity shine their brightest.

Marguerite Bennett continues to put character first, depicting a father-daughter relationship between Sandor and Jesse that puts most human interactions to shame. While there's a road trip vibe to this adventure, it's also a coming of age tale, and Sandor's attempts at fatherhood lead to some truly sweet and surreal moments.

One of the biggest compliments of Animosity that one can give is that it never once crossed your mind that these are animals talking to humans. They are simply characters doing their best in an imaginative and violent world, and it doesn't take much else to get you invested.

Vol. 2 stresses that brutal aspect throughout, but the violence isn't one-sided, and the threat is rarely from the most obvious choice. Animosity lives in the murky grey that survival breeds, but it isn't without humor or tender moments. In fact, one of the most poignant moments of the series occurs late in Vol. 2, and if you don't feel that right in your chest, well, you might just be made of stone.

That's the best part about Animosity really. Sandor, Zarza, Bethesda, Jesse, and the others in this group are the antithesis of one-dimensional. They're layered, flawed, and emotional, and while you fear for what comes next around every corner, you're invested in their fate so much you can't turn away.

The art of Rafael De Latorre is a perfect companion to this world, with one page eliciting a far too sparse feeling of hope only for a looming sense of dread to overtake the next. These characters are delightfully expressive, conveying an awful lot through their glances and reactions alone.

Animosity Vol. 2 (and the series in general) is easily one of my favorite books of 2017, and there are few other comics with its mix of emotions and character-rich storytelling on the racks today. Regardless of what genre you happen to prefer, Animosity Vol. 2 is more than worthy of your time.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


Animosity Vol. 2 from AfterShock Comics hits comic shops this October, and you can read our exclusive interview with Bennett here.