Batman/Spawn Variant By Todd McFarlane Revealed (Exclusive)

Todd McFarlane has an exclusive reveal for as he shared the variant cover for Batman/Spawn #1. Fans of the DC Comics hero and the Image flag-bearer love when these two get together. For now, the reunion is a one-shot. But, one that will reunite McFarlane and greg Capullo on the title. The interior artist was a mainstay of the Spawn series years ago. Batman/Spawn also sees the two heroes together after a long hiatus. Frank Miller worked with the creator on a one shot before and there was 1994's Batman/Spawn: War Devil. Check out the cover and what McFarlane had to say about it down below! 

"And the I think the simplest and sort of the hardest part of doing any cover with two guys that have been big giant cages, is try not to let those pieces of cloth get in the way of each other and separate each one of them and making them big enough that you can read it," he began. "So if you get too far away, then they did become a cape cover and if you get too close and it becomes basically as standard superhero cover. So your composition as you've seen on a bunch of the variant covers, matters, especially with two characters that who silhouette can be fairly similar." 

(Photo: Todd McFarlane/DC Comics)

"For me, the design of any spawn/Batman cover is that one guy is red and one guy is blue and that those two pieces of information should never get lost in the clarity and that you'll be able to read a cover in a heartbeat with these two covers. So Greg Capullo and I were tossing around a bunch of ideas," the artist continued. "He's got a cover that he's doing that I helped to inspire some the idea. This one that you saw here, Greg and I talked about it, he helped me with some of the designing and giving me some tips on how I could sort of pull it off since just did 48 pages. So even to the bitter end, Greg and I are helping row each other both. So you know, hopefully fans will enjoy this cover as much as they enjoyed the two Greg covers and all the other variants."

When Does Batman/Spawn Come Out?

Batman/Spawn #1, is scheduled for release on December 13 by DC Comics. The company is also rereleasing Batman/Spawn: War Devil in just a few weeks on November 15. The new issue will be 48 pages long and available at most comic shops, online, and Barnes & Noble.

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