Spawn/Batman: Greg Capullo Shares First Art From New Crossover

Announced last week at San Diego Comic-Con, Batman and Spawn will officially be crossing over once again with a special one-shot to be published this December. Spawn creator Todd McFarlane appeared during the Jim Lee & Friends" panel to announce the title, which he will write, and which will feature art by the legendary Greg Capullo. Having collaborated with McFarlane on dozens of issues of Spawn years before drawing one of the most well received runs of Batman ever, Capullo made his mark on both characters in a huge way. Now Capullo has offered a tease of what's to come, sharing teases of the crossover's artwork.

McFarlane spoke with IGN about the new crossover, offering a huge prediction for the comic's success, saying: "I'll go on record, it will easily be the biggest selling book of this year. I think we can get it so it will be the biggest owned book of this century in our industry period, period. The reason i say that is last year King Spawn #1 came out, I expanded my line, and without Batman and without Greg Capullo we sold a half a million copies. You give me Greg Capullo, the preeminent Batman artist and he's the best Spawn artist because he did 80 issues with me, and you give me Batman, why can't I double that number?"

The new Batman/Spawn crossover marks the first time that the two heroes have been together since 1994's Batman/Spawn: War Devil and the Spawn/Batman one-shot by Frank Miller and McFarlane. According to McFarlane it will answer every question that Spawn fans have had about certain things since that initial crossover.

"People have been asking 'Hey, when's Greg Capullo gonna draw Spawn again?' for decades ever since he left to go draw Batman," McFarlane added. "So in this issue all your questions (will be answered. 'Todd, when are you going to work with Greg again?' In this issue. 'Hey, when are they going to cross over again? Those two characters?' In this issue. 'Hey when are we going to see those villains again?' In this issue. It's all going to be there."

McFarlane also offered another tease for the issue, noting that they're hoping to make a one-shot that can stand alongside the best comic book one-shots of all time.

"When I was a kid we had books like Arkham Asylum and The Killing Joke... We just thought it was super cool and the only thing that aggravated you was that it was over after one issue and didn't make any more but 20 years later you still remember those issues. Our goal is to make one of those kinds of books."

Batman/Spawn #1, a one-shot for now, will be released on December 13 by DC Comics, with the Batman/Spawn: War Devil rerelease happening on November 15.