The X-Men Join the Battle in King in Black: Marauders Preview

Knull's army has devastated the world, giving everything a symbiote makeover, though that also goes for many of the people inhabiting it as well. We've seen many fall under the grasp of Knull and drawn into the hive, and unfortunately, that includes many of the world's biggest heroes. King in Black #1 kicked off with not just Avengers falling under Knull's grasp but also some of the X-Men, and that fallout will be directly addressed in the upcoming King in Black: Marauders #1. The book will follow Kate Pryde, Bishop, Pyro, Iceman, and Lockheed as they attempt to not just survive but also save whoever they can while figuring out a way to free their friends, and you can check out a preview of the issue below.

One of those friends is also their fellow teammate Storm, who along with Cyclops has been turned into a solider under Knull's command, and that is a deadly combination. While that's happening the remaining Marauders will seek out those in need, like a ship that is being attacked by space dragons.

(Photo: Marvel)

Luckily the Marauders do have a state of the art ship at their command, and when you combine that with someone who can command flames, you've got yourself an effective combination that can help ward off a group of dragons in short order. It's going take more than some fire though to turn the tide against Knull and his impressive forces, but it's an awfully good start.

(Photo: Marvel)

As for Storm and Cyclops, we don't see them in action just yet, but things are going to get tricky once they jump into the fray. You don't want to hurt them obviously but when your enemy can send you reeling with an optic blast and electrocute you where you stand by commanding a bolt of lightning, you might need to make some tough choices.

(Photo: Marvel)

You can check out the preview of the issue above. King in Black: Marauders #1 is written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Luke Ross, and you can find the official description below.

THE QUEEN IN RED SAILS! Red Queen Kate Pryde and her crew of Marauders set sail against the forces of Knull! Captain Kate has pledged to fight for the needy, and a global disaster like this one gives plenty of folks in need.


King in Black: Marauders #1 hits comic stores on February 3rd.

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