X-Men: Marvel Brings Back Apocalypse's Son

Marvel has brought back the son of Apocalypse as part of X-Men's latest event!

Marvel is bringing back Apocalypse's son, Genocide, for the X-Men's latest crossover event! 

X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse kicked off the race/fight for an X-Men Universe character to become the new Apocalypse, following the events of "Fall of X." En Sabah Nur has "retired" from his role as the savior of mutantkind, after the mutant nation of Krakoa evolved and became strong beyond his influence. Of course, if Apocalypse can't be the muscle behind mutants, he's going to put any potential successor through hell to prove that they can do the job. That includes his own "son" Genocide. 

X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse #2 Preview


X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse #2 Cover Art

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Cable, Exodus, Mirage, Wolverine, and more — Apocalypse saw great potential in twelve hand-picked mutants. But when a thirteenth contender crashes the tournament, endangering the lives of thousands in the process, will any survive to carry on in Apocalypse's footsteps? Not if MISTER SINISTER has anything to say about it!

Written by: Steve Foxe
Art by: Netho Diaz
Cover by: Adedotun Akande
Page Count: 28 Pages
Release Date: June 26, 2024

X-Men: Apocalypse's Son Genocide Explained

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"Genocide" is actually Wiliam Rolfson, the son of Apocalypse and former horsemen, Autumn Rolfson (aka "Famine"), who battled the X-Men and X-Factor in some of their first conflicts with Apocalypse. Autumn had an affair with Apocalypse, and gave birth to William; however, knowing Apocalypse's nature, Autumn took the child and hid him with Clan Akkaba, the secret cult of mutants that Apocalypse started in ancient times, before the group splintered off from him and continued operating without his knowledge.  

When William's mutant powers (internal "Bio-Furnace Energies" weaponized as bioplasma blasts) manifested he was forced to be confined to a containment suit; it also became clear that Apocalypse would see his powerful mutant son as a threat to be eliminated. Instead, Genocide was eventually approached by Archangel (who became Apocalypse's successor for a time) for recruitment, and his mother was killed. 

Through his allegiance to Clan Akkaba, Genocide would go on to try to pervert his father's legacy for his own ends. He once tried to cause a Celestial Genocide by contacting the gods that created Apocalypse's technology; he also used manipulated Archangel to create a horde of clones of himself, which Genocide attempted to use in a mass culling of Earth. It was during that "Apocalypse War" that Genocide seemingly died battling Magneto; however, with Krakoa resurrecting all the mutants that were killed, Genocide has been given a second life. 

NOTE: "Genocide" is the main Marvel 616 Universe version of the character – but Apocalypse's son first debuted as "Nemesis" and then "Holocaust," the son of Apocalypse in the Earth-295 reality, which is known as the "Age of Apocalypse". After that universe's destruction, the Holocaust came to the main Marvel 616 reality but eventually died there in a battle with the mad villain Hyperion. Genocide was introduced as his variant replacement.