Louise and Walter Simonson Return To X-Factor

Marvel Comics legends Louise Simonson and Walter Simonson are returning to the X-Men universe in April's X-Men Legends #3. The Simonsons are creating a new, in-continuity story set during their original run on X-Men spinoff series X-Factor, during which they introduced the mutant villain Apocalypse and turned the high-flying Angel into the deadly, metal-winged Archangel. X-Factor brought the original five X-Men -- Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Iceman, and Marvel Girl -- to defend and protect mutants as the new team called X-Factor. X-Men Legends #3 teaks place shortly prior to X-Factor #43. After defeating Apocalypse, X-Factor uses the villain's mysterious and powerful sentient spaceship Ship as their new headquarters. When Ship starts malfunctioning, X-Factor realizes that they've only scratched the surface of Apocalypse'sreal intentions.

X-Men Legends is a series that revisits key runs from throughout X-Men history. X-Men Legends includes new stories by seminal creators including Chris Claremont, Fabian Nicieza, Larry Hama, Peter David, each returning to tie up loose ends from their corners of the X-Men mythology, resolving lingering plot threads and revealing truths hidden for too long. The series launches in February with Fabian Nicieza and Brett Booth revisiting the mystery of the third Summers brother.

X-Men Legends #3
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"It's incredibly exciting to finally tell the story of the infamous 'third' Summers brother. Twenty-five years in the making, to see the truth about Adam-X revealed -- and drawn so magnificently by Brett Booth -- is one of the most surreal experiences of my career!" Nicieza said in a statement when Marvel announced the series. "Getting the opportunity to tell this tale while kicking off the new X-Men Legends series is a x-tremely x-citing!"


X-Men Legends #3 goes on sale in April. Solicitation text for X-Men Legends #1 follows.

  • X-Men Legends #1
  • DEC200545
  • (W) Fabian Nicieza (A/CA) Brett Booth
  • Break out the yellows and blues, fire up the Danger Room and snap on your pouches as legendary X-writers return to classic eras of the mutant super heroes in ALL-NEW, in-continuity stories set during their fan-favorite runs! Fabian Nicieza kicks off the series with a special saga of CYCLOPS and HAVOK, as the SHI'AR return to Earth in search of the FORSAKEN ONE! But what secret will the Summers brothers uncover, and how will its revelation change what you thought you knew about the X-Men?
  • Get ready for a story decades in the making! And come back each month as we dive deeper to expand the X-MEN mythos! Welcome back, legends: Hope you survive the experience.
  • Rated T+
  • In Shops: Feb 17, 2021
  • SRP: $4.99