Resurrected Ms. Marvel Returns to Amazing Spider-Man

Just five issues after her death, Kamala Khan returns to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.

This story contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #31. It's been a busy summer for Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel. In May, the teenage superhero died in Peter Parker's arms in the final pages of Amazing Spider-Man #26. In July, the Marvel Universe mourned the magnificent Ms. Marvel for Kamala's short-lived sendoff in the one-shot Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel. After she was resurrected by mutant technology in July's X-Men Hellfire Gala #1, Charles Xavier and The Five revealed Kamala is a mutant and an Inhuman. It all leads to Kamala joining the X-Men in Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant, a four-issue limited series launching August 30th.

As Cyclops explained to Kamala in Hellfire Gala #1, "Xavier backs up mutant minds as often as possible. You won't have any memory of your actual death. Spider-Man knows more if you want to ask, but I suggest going slow." But in the special over-sized Amazing Spider-Man #31, out Wednesday, the freshly resurrected Kamala does just that when she reunites with Spider-Man in a five-page backup story by writer Zeb Wells and artist David Lopez.


Spider-Man recaps the events of issue #26: using herself as a decoy, Kamala shape-shifted into Mary Jane Watson, who the mad mathematician known as the Emissary needed to sacrifice to complete Wayep's ritual and be reborn as the God of Death. But it was Kamala who made the ultimate sacrifice. Fatally stabbed by Benjamin Rabin's cursed blade, Ms. Marvel revealed her identity as Oscorp intern Kamala Khan before dying Spider-Man's arms. She saved the universe, but to hear it out loud, Kamala says, "It sounds like I just got stabbed and died? Did I say anything?"

Before he can repeat her last words — good isn't a thing you are, it's a thing you do — Kamala tells Spider-Man she doesn't want to know. She asks if everyone was sad. "Devastated," Spider-Man responds. "You have to believe I never in a million years would have asked you to give your life. I am so, so sorry."

The Avenger-turned-Champion-turned-X-Man smiles knowing she saved the world. She thanks the masked Spider-Man for filling in the gap of her Krakoan backup, which Spidey sarcastically quips is "not a confusing or scary concept at all."

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"Kamala Khan saved the world. Again. Hot dog," Kamala says to herself as she excuses herself to return to THE X-MEN, stylized letters and all. Spider-Man unmasks, revealing the face of Peter Parker and shocking Kamala, who is surprised to see her "nerdy" Oscorp co-worker. She mistakingly believes they were both at Oscorp to keep an eye on the seemingly reformed Norman Osborn, telling Peter to look her up if he ever needs help with the former Green Goblin. After all, she's a member of THE X-MEN

"You be good, Spider-Man," Kamala waves, leaping into the sunset. "You too, Ms. Marvel," Peter smiles. "The X-Men. Hot dog."

The Amazing Spider-Man #31 is out now from Marvel Comics.