'Rat Queens' Live Play RPG Coming From Hyper RPG

If you happen to be a fan of Rat Queens and roleplaying games, Hyper Rabbit Power Go (Hyper RPG) has the perfect thing just for you, as today they are announcing the Rat Queens live play RPG.

Hyper Rabbit Power Go is teaming up with Rat Queens creator Kurtis Weibe to produce the first official Rat Queens live play show, which will premiere on Hyper RPG's Twitch channel on Wednesday at 7:00 pm (pst). Like Power Rangers HyperForce and Pencils and Parsecs, Rat Queens will feature a talented cast roleplaying live as fans interact with the campaign in the chat room, and the series boasts a stellar all-women cast.

Weibe recently announced his departure from the series, but the Rat Queens books will continue on with new creative teams in the future. Weibe's looking forward to seeing what Hannah, Violet, Dee, and Betty can do in other mediums.

(Photo: Hyper RPG)

"I'm really excited to see what this amazing team of performers brings to the characters and the Rat Queens universe," Weibe said. Our series is at a place now where we're able to open the heroes up to new creators, in both the comic and in other mediums as well. With my recently announced departure from writing the series, it's genuinely thrilling to see a brand new team tackle the comics and also enter into a new medium we'd never expected: live streaming RPG. I have full trust that Emily and her team will bring the Queens to life and make them more interesting than I ever could have. Honestly, it's just a fantastic time to be a Rat Queens fan!"

The cast includes Jessica Lynn Verdi (Flip the Script Podcast, Ripley Improv), as Hannah, the team’s leader and belligerent elven mage, Laurie Jones (Wishbone Theatre, Ripley Improv) as Violet, the dwarven fighter with a distaste for tradition and beards, Aliza Pearl (Nerdist, Geek & Sundry) as Dee, a former cultist who’s fallen out of love with her gods, and Michelle Nguyen Bradley (Hyper Rabbit Power Go, Senpai Buddies Podcast) as Betty, an overly friendly halfling whose fuel includes candy, drugs, and booze. The adventurers are later joined by Braga, a transgender orc who eschews the barbaric ways of her kind, played by Riley Silverman (SYFY FANGRRLS, Nerdist), and you can check out an image of the fantastic cast in the photo above.

(Photo: Hyper RPG)

Emily Jacobson will be the gamemaster of the Rat Queens RPG, guiding the players through a collaborative story that plays out in real time. "What was really exciting about this show was being asked to GM a diverse and all-female RPG," Jacobson. "I've loved exploring the ins and outs of the Rat Queens through Kurtis' comics, and am excited to expand his world. This show is going to have epic fights, epic nights, hilarity, heartbreak, sass, and sorcery!”

(Photo: Hyper RPG)

Rat Queens debuted as part of Image Comics in 2013, and the fearsome but lovable group has been a staple for fans ever since, and Hyper Rabbit Power Go CEO Malika Lim Eubank couldn't be happier to bring the group to the world of interactive RPGs.


“I am so excited for Hyper to be hosting a new adventure in this beloved world," Eubank said. "Rat Queens has been praised for its portrayal of LGBT characters and I am excited to welcome a fantastic group of women to role play even more life into these well developed characters.”

Rat Queens hits Hyper RPG live every Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm (pst) and kicks off on February 13th.