Worlds Collide in Exclusive New Steeple Preview From Dark Horse Comics

(Photo: John Allison / Dark Horse Comics)

What happens when two people — one on each side of the political spectrum — join together to stop the forces of evil? According to the team at Dark Horse Comics, that's exactly what will happen when John Allison's Steeple hits comic stores later this month. Allison himself tells us he hopes to pack a punch with each issue released, wanting to make sure fans get the most bang for their buck when it comes to Steeple.

"Single issues cost a lot, so I’m not doing my job if each issue of Steeple doesn’t tell a story, and satisfy in some way," the writer tells us. "I love serial entertainment, I love the relationship with readers you can build by turning up every month if they like the characters and buy into your world. I’m not in comics because I want to write Batman or the X-Men - that’s someone else’s job. I’ve been doing my own thing for twenty years and I want to be able to keep doing it.”

Keep scrolling to see pages from the upcoming five issue mini-series, exclusively first revealed here on

(Photo: John Allison / Dark Horse Comics)
(Photo: John Allison / Dark Horse Comics)

Steeple #1 is due out September 18th. The full solicitation for the first issue can be found below.

Steeple #1 (of 5)
John Allison (W/A/Cover), Sarah Stern (C), and Max Sarin (Variant Cover)
On sale Sept 18
FC, 32 pages
A supernatural tale of friendship, the devil, and moral gray areas.
Two women with wildly different worldviews become unlikely friends as they navigate the supernatural happenings in a sleepy coastal parish—and soon find themselves forced to choose sides in the war between good and evil, facing demons, curses, and a miniature Rapture!
- New series from John Allison, author of Giant Days.