Steve Aoki's Neon Future to Debut on Webtoon's Digital Platform

Steve Aoki might be best known for his work as a musician, but he has developed a whole new legion of fans from his work on Neon Future. The comic, which is published by Impact Theory, has been providing fans a unique take on a cyberpunk world -- and it looks like it will soon be headed to a whole new medium. Neon Future will be making its debut on the digital platform Webtoon Canvas this coming Monday, July 13th. The launch will coincide with Webtoon's "Canvas Day", which celebrates comic book creators, and will allow fans to access the first three "episodes" of the comic.

steve aoki neon future webtoon 1
(Photo: Impact Theory)

The Webtoon launch will reformat Neon Future for the vertical scrolling format, allowing fans to easily read the series on mobile devices. New updates to the series will arrive each week on Mondays. Fans can read the series for free by downloading the Webtoon App or going to and searching for “Neon Future.”

Neon Future is set roughly 30 years in the future in an America that has outlawed advanced technology. A civil war is brewing between the Augmented, an oppressed class of people who have chosen to integrate technology into their bodies, and the Authentic, who have not. The resistance movement Neon Future is led by the mysterious Kita Sovee (a character modeled after Aoki), who strives to bring peace, by showing the world a brighter future in harmony with technology. The series is a compelling, character-driven sci-fi story that chronicles the dangers of unchecked power and the limitless nature of human potential. Ultimately, Neon Future strives toward a utopian convergence of technology and humanity.

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(Photo: Impact Theory)

Neon Future is co-created by Aoki, Impact Theory CEO Tom Bilyeu, and Eisner-winning writer Jim Krueger. It features artwork from pencilers Jheremy Raapack and Neil Edwards, joined by inker Keith Champagne and colorists Abe Lee, David Kim and Nuo Xu.

Neon Future's move to the Webtoon platform will signify a larger move for Impact Theory, which has shifted its focus to the vertical scrolling format. Single issues of Neon Future, which recently announced its second arc, will also be made available through Impact Theory's website and Comicxology, with a physical trade paperback arriving later.


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As mentioned above, Neon Future will debut on Webtoon beginning July 13th.

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