The Joker Gets Cured To Help Save Gotham


Wait, hold up. The Clown Prince of Crime is now the one Gothamites have to trust to protect their city? That’s the case in Sean Murphy’s new Batman: White Knight series for DC Comics.

Murphy is taking everything we’ve ever known about the Caped Crusader and the world he’s lived in and is has flipped it on his head. With the Joker — ahem, Jack Napier — being the good guy in this series, that leaves Bruce Wayne’s Batman as the villain.

In the opening pages of Batman: White Knight #1, we see another one of Batman and Joker’s game of cat and mouse come to an end as the latter is apprehended — like always.

The story continues with Joker unveiling he has pills that help cure his insanity. Restoring his sanity leaves the former Clown Prince with genius-level intellect and no signs of violent tendencies.


As the story starts to wrap up the first issue, Jack approaches Batman and we find out how much the tables have turned exactly — the Caped Crusader is chained up inside a cell within Arkham Asylum. With just five words — “Batman, I need your help.” — we get a glimpse at the potential adventures we can see in the next six issues of the miniseries.

Batman: White Knight is a seven-issue miniseries by writer and artist Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus, The Wake). The first issue is available on comic store shelves now.