Gal Gadot Explains Why 'Wonder Woman' Battle Scene Made Her Emotional

2017 was a rather amazing year for superheroes, and that isn't lost on Gal Gadot, who remembers one surreal moment that she'll never forget.

Gadot shared the stage with Kumail Nanjiani on Variety's Actors on Actors series, and during the conversation, the topic of Wonder Woman naturally came up. It was here that Gadot recalled an emotional moment she had in the theater during her first screening, a moment where she realized what it all meant.

“It was the first time for me — as a woman, a girl, a female — that I saw an image of strong women that are beautiful and confident and can take care of themselves,” Gadot said. “I was shocked by it, and then I was more shocked by the fact that I never saw anything like that.”

“Sometimes you don’t realize what’s been missing until you see the thing that’s been missing,” Nanjiani added.

Gadot also addressed the rampant sexual harassment that has plagued Hollywood. “With everything that’s going on in Hollywood and sexual harassment, there’s always the women empowerment conversation," Gadot said. "But there cannot be women empowerment if women don’t have this visual in their subconsciousness, and if men don’t have it either, it’s important for boys and men to see that a woman can be super great.”

The good news is that boys and girls will have plenty of other opportunities to see Wonder Woman in action. Gadot is currently starring in Justice League and plays an important part in forming the team. Warner Bros. has also (finally) locked up director Patty Jenkins for the sequel, and Gadot is also returning as well.

The original Wonder Woman was a massive hit for Warner Bros, both commercially and critically. It is seen by many as the forward momentum the DCEU needed, and audiences responded well with their wallets. Wonder Woman pulled in over $412 million domestically, with another $409 million internationally. Worldwide the film raked in over $821 million, and the sequel can't get here soon enough.

Gadot's current project, Justice League, is playing in theaters now. Wonder Woman 2 currently has no release date.